Polk Audio RT1000i Floor standing speakers

RT1000i is the smaller from active floor speaker systems manufactured by the American Polk Audio. And if the first representatives of RT series were mainly aimed to be used in home theatre we should expect drastic musical achievements from the updated "1000". The system has all the branded attributes: the bass-reflex port in the bottom, three-layered tweeter's dome. The sub has narrowband acoustic design - the body inside is divided in half by vertical partition, on which there is LF-driver. The system differs by the presence of linear output that is useful for distributing the signal taken from sub's output of the receiver. Linear output like level control is, surely, also present. Note that before switching from linear output it is necessary to remove plugs from high-voltage terminals. The phase is not inverted. An additional resonator is the element of the system of resonance absorption. You can put rubber legs on spikes (if you want to save parquet).

It was easy to connect low-frequency section with passive aspect - the position of volume level control is approximately on "10 hours" gave a perfect result: the feeling of fullness of LF-content did not deny a tonal diversity of mid-high richness. With a perfect depth of bass neither double-bass nor cello lost their "natural" charm. Vocal sounds very pleasant. Being well-elaborated, high frequencies attract attention to bright details, slightly shading contrasts. RT1000i "painlessly" copes with high amplitudes; only transparency on the top decreases a little bit. The system also copes perfectly with the responsibilities of frontal pair in home theatre, adequately transferring "fine" details of sound event. It knows how to turn up the heat when the cannon fires from the flank.

There are no reasons to talk about genre preferences of the system; RT1000i plays very impressively classics, elegantly - chamber music, aggressively and brightly - hard rock. It is great for "theatre" and will play well in small rooms.

Polk Audio RT1000i Floor standing speakers photo