KEF iQ7 Floor standing speakers

The main task, set before iQ developers, was to make system with lesser distortion and better dynamic properties in comparison with previous Q generation. In order to solve it they had to thoroughly change the construction of the branded UniQ drivers. The heads, used in a modern Reference series, were taken as basis and with a help of computer simulation they became cheaper in production and also it became possible to achieve greater work efficiency of the complex magnetic system. In other words, all fundamental changes from outside are not visible - for example, the diffuser with metallic glints has no secrets and is suchlike made for the sake of beauty. But we can't but evaluate the work of KEF technologists, who launched cases without any flat face into mass production - such case is not only more attractive but also less colors the sound.

The main advantage of iQ7 is appeared at the first startup. Even without changes it is clear that the speaker systems have bigger sensitivity compared with the predecessors and many competitors. The new iQ7 reproduces attack with such enthusiasm and clarity that the sound of other speaker systems seems to be slow. Lower basses are transferred quite accurately and weighty. Tonal balance, in subjective view, is kept almost exemplary - only the area of 100-160 Hz is slightly raised. Middle and top bands are linear, but if cavil about minor points we have to note the presence of the lightest horn coloring.

Sound stage a bit disappointed, which is clearly expressed in depth only in the center of stereo base. Side sources pull together to the emitters crawl over the foreground, so three-dimensional picture loses naturalness. However, listening to the music of different genres, you can agree with assessments of other experts. By detailing and clarity iQ7 can not be compared with even very expensive speaker systems.

KEF iQ7 Floor standing speakers photo