CD-player Exposure 3010S2 CD

The player is equipped with a specially modified vehicles with new manager software, a highly stable clock with low jitter and a separate voltage regulator, toroidal transformer with separate windings for transport and audiokonturov and output circuits using discrete components. During the processing of the signal correspond to 24-bit DACs Burr-Brown PCM 1704 that operate in dual mono mode, providing high resolution and extremely low crosstalk. Standard for the firm all-aluminum body in black goes well with the red power LED and the screen (there is a function turn off the display during operation). Tray leaves very quickly, and while the disc is recognized, as well as the response to the remote. On detailed and highly visible displays calendar tracks, as well as information about the current song. RCA analog audio output and two digital optical and coaxial, made a very decent connectors and installed at a sufficient distance from each other. The device comes with a universal remote that can control all components of the company. Although the buttons on it are not broken down into logical groups and sit pretty tight, and near the major labels are read normally.

Exposure 3010S2 CD - player, speaking in a relaxed and confident manner, although a little less refined than the Perreaux Silhouette SXCD. He stands out clear and filled the middle, slightly accentuated compared with the lower and higher frequencies. Although this feeling, apparently, is made up of the worst of the drawing tool bass lines and lots of plates and not so carefully made texture tones at the edges of the frequency range. In the middle there is nothing exaggerated, there's just all right. Nevertheless, the device produces a very pleasant experience for its open and saturated flow and sound production "on a pedestal". Natural sounds do not seem anemic or flat, they take vengeance with good detail and precise rhythmic nuances. Only female academic vocal sometimes looks a little smoother and averaged. But the complete lack of stringed pleased squeal and sand even on the fort. Massive organ sound slightly lightened because of the easy slope in coldish tone, but nowhere else, this effect does not occur.

Pulsing rhythm guitar and bubbling over with juice distinguish bouncy music styles. The edges of the frequency range again obtained worse middle, which is expressed in the mid-textural drummer and a little blurry plates. However, it is present at a very low level, and the overall sound is full-bodied and delicious, probably the most interesting to test the performance of phonograms these genres. Of the minuses can be noted, perhaps, the only scene that has several conditional separation in depth.

Exposure 3010S2 CD CD-player photo