Exposure CD Player XXII CD-player

I would refer Exposure CD Player XXII to those that do not get old morally even after many years. You can infinitely complicate the circuitry by adding new functions or pick up electronic elements, washing the player's sound, but all this is inevitably connected with another problem - to keep the cost price within reasonable limits. Or you can apply the principle, which was adopted by the engineers of Exposure - the principle of sufficiency.

The body is completely made of aluminum: simple, but thoroughly. The transport is the tried and true mechanism and the reading laser head of Sony. Internal control systems were borrowed like the display from players of the same brand and, therefore, inherited from them another pleasant "function": XXII displays CD-Text. In the digital path there are two Burr-Brown PCM1704 monaural DACs with 24-bit conversion accuracy and impeccable output. Analog path is multistage, on discrete elements. In the power system there is one large toroidal transformer with a separate winding for servo systems. On the back panel you will see the audio RCA connectors, the optical digital output and coaxial connectors on the BNC connector. Simple as that: everything is there and nothing extra.

The open, relaxed sound did not surprise me - just such a thing I expected from XXII. Some inaccuracies are caught in its interpretation, but there is not even a hint of schematics. Well, what about if the images in the scene are a bit heavy? But regardless of the dynamics and spectral composition of the reproduced material, it stays stable and with many plans. By audiophile standards, Exposure CD Player XXII is rather weak in the release of subtle details, but by music-mad - it is exactly the thing that touches you to the heart.

Exposure CD Player XXII CD-player photo