CD-player Perreaux Silhouette SXCD

The same mini-blocks transport and DAC are connected to a computer flat trail. Reading data from the disk occurs at high speed, and double-buffered to reduce jitter, and in parallel, rather than sequentially. Further processing of the data involved in the chip Burr-Brown. Toroidal transformer for 36 V*A company Toroid International (Noratel) made specially commissioned Perreaux. Appearance blocks terse in the extreme: the case of millimeter aluminum, powder coated sheet and the front panel light color with a single design element - the inscription Perreaux. In transport, there is a blue LED - LED network and managing a circle with five buttons (icons and signatures are missing, so that the owner will have to be trained in the memorization of key functions). The disc tray leaves unusual - the side and at first sight it is hard to detect. DAC unit has an analogue output on a pair of RCA, coaxial digital output on BNC, proprietary port pLINK (for integration into the home system, remote management and software upgrades included), as well as a standard 3.5mm jack RC-5 IR receiver universal remote control. No screen, and the missing original remote strengthens the corresponding emotions. Manage tracks uncomfortable.

However, the design of the irritation immediately passes as soon as you start listening to music (not because the producer has "forgotten" to facilitate the procedure switching tracks that break away from any drive so hard?). Firstly, the player only musical genre and is omnivorous, he almost did not distort, so there is no reason to criticize the "flat tones" or failed the vocals. Secondly, these little gray bricks give so free, serious and confident sound that it without any discounts can be compared to sound, the devices all in different price categories. Harmony of supply, excellent rough violin, high separation close voices, piano commensurate with the correct gulkost in the lowest octave, and even a very rich body - that's what we provide these seemingly ridiculous and uncomfortable blocks. With better detail in the test sound character is not discontinued and not what is called a dry and analytic. Any material reproduced very naturally, of course, and with a lively movement and development of melodic lines. Dynamic peaks are passed seamlessly striking, and equally well portrayed any records loaded, without any turbidity and porridge in the middle. Available minor flaws do not affect the great pleasure of listening. And all of these devices to say that they allow to penetrate into the essence of music.

Perreaux Silhouette SXCD CD-player photo