DALI Mentor 8 Floor standing speakers

Traditional for DALI hybrid high-frequency module consists of two separate drivers, being assembled in one aluminum pad and working for "one and a half band" - the fabric dome plays frequencies from 3 to 20 kHz and ribbon super tweeter switches on from 14 kHz and works up to the upper border. Also traditional lightweight MF/LF-drivers of reddish color are made of cellulose with the addition of wood fibers (for rigidity) and are equipped with cast aluminum chassis and the system of twinned magnets. High large bodies a bit rounded in front and behind are made of MDF panels and finished from outside with beautiful cherry veneer. The faceplate is two-layered, of sandwich type, with thick cover made of polycarbonate almost at full its height, reducing body's resonances. Two large bass-reflex ports are on the back wall and under them there are two pairs of widely spaced gilt terminals on a massive plate.

Hybrid HF block in Dali loudspeakers immediately attracts attention and the heard confirms the validity and legitimacy of its use. Difficult for playback timbres of such instruments as harpsichord, flutes, baroque violins were transferred constantly perfectly, subtly and delicately, with the abundance of air and breath of life. The sound of DALI Mentor 8 is lively, soft, without underlined side-tones.

Large orchestral forms developed, lived and breathed in free pace, easily and somehow in not an emphatic manner. I will separately note a wonderful, free middle and sense of volume. At the recordings of grand piano and organ with low input power the number of details and texture of timbres was just striking, as well as the number of gradations of loudness.

In the records of Dead Can Dance, Accept, Lacrimosa and Dark Tranquility, the character, mood, clear pulse, concert hardness (where necessary), energy and drive - all of these in DALI Mentor 8 was on top. Even the super-fast, very loaded and rigid soundtrack of Anorexia Nervosa was played without any questions, with excellent separation of instrumental lines and retention of tempo.

DALI Mentor 8 Floor standing speakers photo