Floor standing speakers Heco The Statement

Huge floor speakers with a luxurious finish with black piano lacquer have tapered back hexagonal in cross-section body with softly rounded corners. Durable and robust cabinets are mounted on tapered legs without sharp spikes. Tweeter is a inch textile dome with nano-tech and magnets with double winding, enclosed in an individual cell. For mids meets speaker cone of pressed pulp and fabric dust cover with magnets AlNiCo, which is mounted on a fabric impregnated corrugated suspension and running without compression in an open niche. The rear panel of these niches across the width of the body covered with nylon nets. Bass played with two 20-cm long-throw loudspeakers of highly stiff paper on a very soft rubber hangers. Rear arranged as three reflex port horn exponential form and luxurious terminals with eight terminals - trivayring plus a couple of terminals to adjust the level of the individual frequency ranges: HF +2 dB and -2 dB midrange. Despite the high sensitivity stated in the manufacturer recommends 93 dB nominal power output of 300 watts RMS.

Speakers shown some heaviness bass prominent in the Baroque and organ music, but at the same time excellent positioning of sound sources and detail in little-composite works, and in large forms. Line all the instruments were heard very well, as well as the resolution of similar sounds, breathing musicians and all sorts of overtones of sound. The pipe has a very clear and quite bright, but not at all in a shrill tone. Perception fragments sometimes felt certain rhythmic glitches and crumpling, which may blame our Bryston - judging by the performance characteristics of this speaker prefers to gain more powerful. The overall sound Heco The Statement large, stuffed, not sharp, but at the same time is not adjusted and not formal. On the contrary, sometimes even like to add a little in the middle of the air and openness. Absent except some fluidity and fusion. However, after the warm-up speakers light veil slept with the middle register, and even the smallest details were heard just fine, although some static at times still present. A large body of L?beck sounded very impressive, with a huge, fat, filled with bass. Top left is a little more modest, with slightly blurred reverberation.

Not too fast and hard rock and metal composition pleasantly pleased with the density and downright compelling mega-pressure. In the craziest tempo records felt attempts bass-live their separate lives. But in general, a powerful concert sound showed very impressive volume and drive.

Heco The Statement Floor standing speakers photo