HECO Celan XT 701 Floor standing speakers

To minimize unwanted side-tones of the body the massive bodies of these floor speaker systems are almost deprived of parallel facets and reinforced with the system of internal partitions. HECO Celan XT 701 are three-way speaker systems with bass-reflex design - a pair of metallic ports is placed to the back. The drivers correspond to the highest standards. An inch dome tweeter has a fabric diaphragm, coated with damping nano-compound, and is set in action by powerful neodymium magnet. Midrange driver is made of impregnated cellulose and differs by the branded suspension of special form. A pair of woofers with the caliber of 6,5 inches are also paper and equipped with 32-mm sound coils. Correction of HF is provided for adjustment under the specific room - rise by 2 dB.

Low-frequency range immediately attracts attention in the sound of HECO Celan XT 701. Basses are deep and wide, with excellent damping in its main part. When the frequency is decreased, the control slightly falls, but this doesn't almost affect accuracy of rhythmic base of compositions. Dynamical contrasts are transferred freely, even naturally - there is the feeling that designated location for listening is clearly not enough for the system. Instruments' overtones seem to be a bit muted, although technically it's hard to find fault in the upper range.

The middle is very detailed, although covered with thinnest veil. Sound stage is formed to be huge by scale and with quite accurate localization.

HECO Celan XT 701 Floor standing speakers photo