Heco Astron 500 Floor standing speakers

Astron 500 is a single floor speaker system of the branded series, which can be considered as the set for realization of a theatrical installation. In addition to 500th there are the speaker system of the central channel and small-sized back speaker systems in the lane. A two-way Astron 500 is made by the symmetrical d'Appolito scheme, which is formed by two in-phase radiating MF/LF-heads and a cone tweeter, placed between them. The tweeter with a tiny magnet system is mounted on a thin plastic plate. A light body is made of 12mm flakeboard plates. The bass-reflex port is located on the back panel. There are two reliable screw terminals for switching. Silver finish with fine texture is made very qualitatively.

The sound of Astron 500 is tonally balanced and neutral. It is pleasant that the feeling of neutrality is kept at almost all volume levels - power reserve is big. A moderate bass provides a solid foundation, but formally, "without a spark" that in many cases can be considered as the advantage. A relatively low clarity of the MIDs in difficult, polyphonic compositions causes some patterning of the image. The output for the increased volume levels corrects the situation in most cases - generally, it is better to "groove" all the system. The scenic space is uniform and distant from the listener.

HECO Astron 500 is a good variant of the speaker system, calmly relatingto almost any musical material. To create large-scale sound canvases you will need a subwoofer, with which the German pair will perfectly solve any theatrical task.

Heco Astron 500 Floor standing speakers photo