B&W 683 Floor standing speakers

The bodies of B&W 683 have classic rectangular shape and are finished with a red cherry-colored vinyl film, except the front panel, which is made of a viscous vibration-damping material. The tweeter is an aluminum dome, loaded on the branded Nautilus tube, which is hidden inside the case. The midrange driver is a woven kevlar made using proprietary FST technology with a rubber phase-leveling cap. Two drivers with diffusers made of a composite material based on aluminum with paper-Kevlar additives are responsible for reproducing low frequencies. A small port of a bass-reflex, Flowport, is located on the front wall of the case. The signature style is instantly recognized from the very first tacts, all family values are on board. The sound is open and neat, the timbres of natural instruments are interesting and not empty. The detailing is excellent - you can hear the breathing of musicians, the rustle of air in the woodwind instruments. Quiet lines of instruments are drawn absolutely luxuriously. Attention is drawn to the holographic, audiophile and deeply emphasized stage. With all the crystal clarity and accuracy in the sound, there is a slight restraint, which is especially noticeable in the high female voices and in the warm, large timbres of the woodwind instruments. Soprano sounds somewhat sharply, brass is a little bit harsh - a bit of "soft radiance" would not hurt them. The organ is played fundamentally and impressively. Along with the family resemblance, B&W 683 has some problems. They arise in a light blur of the upper middle and high-frequency register. However, the works of the most musical genres are performed by loudspeakers with a slam dunk to the character and mood, very fascinatingly, clearly, rhythmically, ideally integrally and harmoniously.

B&W 683 Floor standing speakers photo