B&W 684 Floor standing speakers

B&W 684 - 2,5-way system is equipped with dynamical heads of its own development and production. The patented Flowport bass-reflex port is directed forward that noticeably eases the installation of the speaker systems in a room. The diffusers of two bass heads are made of Kevlar - favorite material of Bowers&Wilkins engineers. The lower driver plays the main part of bass band (up to 150 Hz) and another, located above, also catches mid-range up to 4 kHz. The rest of the spectrum is sounded by the tweeter with aluminum dome, loaded on Nautilus air circuit. It is worth mentioning that the tweeter has enviable frequency range, extended up to 50 kHz. The first order crossover with minimally possible number of components, specially selected during longstanding listening, is used in the systems.

Analyzing the sound of this pair, I should note the excellent playing of high frequencies - transparency and the resolution here are at the highest level. Slight color is felt in the upper middle, timbres of acoustic instruments are a bit cold and not entirely elaborated.

The overall tonal balance of B&W 684 speaker systems is close to linear, audible deviations were not found. The depth of bass in this case is not very impressive, but sufficient. The same can be said about macro-dynamics. Sound stage has the correct scale, its depth is quite adequate.

B&W 684 Floor standing speakers photo