B&W DM605 S2 Floor standing speakers

The DM605 S2, like all systems in this series, uses a number of developments implemented in the top 800 B&W series. In particular, a "nautilus" tweeter with an exponential waveguide as a design is installed on the system. Paired inclusion of woofers with light and rigid diffusers made of cellulose reinforced with proprietary Kevlar - to increase efficiency and reduce non-linearity at low frequencies. There is a line input. The radiation level and the lower cutoff frequency are changed by discrete controls. You can "unroll" the phase. Separate switching of the mid-frequency and high-frequency aspects of the system is provided.

Setting all the controls to approximately the middle positions gave an excellent "musical" result: a completely unified, flawless unity of all mid-frequency "particulars" and very competent, embossed, elastic low frequencies. The recognizable "concentration" of the powerful bass of the DM605 S2 is a very strong argument in favor of using activity in the lower part of the speaker range. An equally strong argument is the excellent purity of the entire bass register. The British couple always gives a large-scale image of the scene, and for this she does not need to sacrifice the "correct" sound proportions between individual instrumental groups. No omissions, no tonal "distortions" and with significant changes in volume. Feeling the "breadth of nature", adding a drop of adrenaline to the blood helps the slightest accent on high frequencies, which, thanks to the exceptional transparency of the upper layer, does not destroy the feeling of the "naturalness" of a musical event. In the theater, it turned out to be easy to establish cooperation with a variety of "centers". The good musicality of the system came in very handy here, which, without interfering with the spectacular design of large-scale battle scenes, preserves for the viewer-listener an abyss of nuances set off by musical accompaniment. Of course, for theatrical purposes, we can talk about the use of an additional subwoofer, but, firstly, only ten percent of its abilities will have to be used, and secondly, even these 10% may turn out to be completely superfluous for "cultural" hearing, especially in small rooms .

There is no doubt about the versatility of the DM 605 S2 - this applies to both purely "musical" and "theatrical" applications. The tonal organization of the sound gives a bright and at the same time well-coordinated image. The system confidently plays the richest classics.

B&W DM605 S2 Floor standing speakers photo