B&W DM603 S3 Floor standing speakers

The DM603 S3 is the middle of three floorstanders in the 600 series, led by the three-way DM604. Work with low frequencies here is entrusted to a woofer with an aluminum dome-conical diffuser. Such a design of the membrane, in theory, significantly increases the frequencies of the first bending resonances, which makes it possible to get by with first-order filters - in the 2.5-band DM603, the signal for the low-frequency head is filtered only by inductors. The tweeter filter is steeper - 18 dB per octave. For the woofer there is a personal isolated compartment. The mid-high frequency section is laid with absorber mats. The tweeter is well known to our readers, designed according to the same principle as the top B&W models. The polymer plate of the front panel, dotted with regular shaped recesses (to increase the spatial uniformity of the field), is fastened with self-tapping screws to the MDF base through a polymer layer in eighteen places. The total thickness of the frontal sandwich reaches 45 mm! The side walls are tightened with MDF stiffening ribs. Each compartment has its own bass reflex port (one on the front, the other on the rear), the acoustic output of each can be adjusted using foam plugs.

Generous, beautiful, full-blown sound! The spectacular presentation of musical material is at first alarming - you are looking for a catch: maybe they overdid it somewhere? But no. Pretty soon it turns out that all the tonal proportions are observed perfectly. Only the extreme top (harpsichord, cymbals) is emphasized quite harmlessly. The main reason for the spectacular fullness of sound images is the rich dynamic resource of the system. The acoustic system confidently accepts large amplitudes, shows considerable concern for minor details. In the space of the listening room, as if by itself, a three-dimensional projection of a concert hall filled with natural reverberations appears, and it is possible to "trace" its very low-frequency response - a strong feeling! One of the main assets of the DM603 is excellent bass. The system briskly draws energy from the depth at which many of the participants in the test pass. Obviously, the emotional fullness of impressions, the persuasiveness of spatial effects are largely due to powerful, clear, correct basses.

The system creates spectacular yet well-balanced stereo projections of any musical form. Before us is an example of a speaker system that justifies the vast majority of hopes placed on floorstanders of this class. So that the spacious sound of the DM603 S3 is not cramped, it is better to put the pair in a larger room.

B&W DM603 S3 Floor standing speakers photo