B&W DM603 S2 Floor standing speakers

Creating famous now "Nautilus", B&W significantly modified the series DM600 by implementing a number of recent in-house technical and technological solutions. The series in this vein was renamed into DM600 S2. In addition to S2 prefix in the title, DM603 also got a damping channel with exponentially decreasing cross-section for high-frequency head and woofer with paper-Kevlar diffuser instead of passive radiator. Two pairs of plugs made of foamed polymer of different density give space for experiments with basses. Restraining bass-reflex's activity by plugs makes basses slightly harder and a bit lighter. But the main feature of sound image is very open, wide panorama, the work of which owes much to the festive-bright and dustless high frequencies. It seems possible to refer such kind of "nice brightness" to specific features of sound of many B&W systems. Tactically paying the listener's attention on the periphery of overtone richness of sound, the system opens unexpected facets of singularity of "natural" instruments. The same can be said about vocal with slightly emphasized hissing consonants. Control points in the stage's image are well fixed: stage doesn't "swim" in space, places of performers don't disappear in quite wide movement area of a listener, depth is felt. We should definitely mention a perfect macro-dynamics of basses. The speaker system works with various genres in quite unique and at the same time nice manner, which is greatly caused by weak dependence sound quality from volume level. There are no contraindications for using B&W DM603 S2 in medium and even small rooms.

B&W DM603 S2 Floor standing speakers photo