Monitor Audio Gold GX200 Floor standing speakers

Monitor Audio Gold GX200 is equipped with two 5.5-inch woofers, a 4-inch midrange driver and a tape tweeter. All drivers are attached to the body with long through bolts, going out to the rear wall. Traditional material for drivers' diffusers is magnesium-aluminum alloy with ceramic coating. Rounded bodies with internal partitions are made of MDF with a thickness of 20 mm and have an excellent finish - a noble veneer with a large painting, covered with a transparent glossy varnish. Judging by the sound, the midrange driver is in a separate camera, both woofers work for a small port of the bass-reflex, being placed at the bottom of the rear panel. Two pairs of very decent acoustic terminals are mounted on a metal plate, the internal wiring visible through the short bass reflex port is made with a silver cable in transparent insulation. On the front panel, inside the case there is a layer of acoustic foam. Solid metal lattice grills on magnets cover the entire facade of the speaker systems from top to bottom.

Playing music with GX200 should be described as calm, not containing any pathologies, but also not distinguished by increased detailing. Fast fragments are played distinctly and energetically, with a good development of melodic lines and focus. The bass is rather temperate by response and resolution, a little soft, but without a tendency to pushing out or formless buzz. The attack and the tops of sounds are neatly rounded, in a typical corporate style. Monitor Audio GX200 performed an energetic rock quite heavily, although sometimes a little linear. But the lovers of classical sound of the 80's and the "simple atmosphere of honest metal" will not be disappointed.

Monitor Audio Gold GX200 Floor standing speakers photo