Monitor Audio Silver S6 Floor standing speakers

S6 is the latest version of Silver version from Monitor Audio. Deeply toned mahogany veneer in contrast with silver membranes of speakers seems to be almost black; the effect is enhanced in the diffused evening light. Gorgeous. Diffusers are made of well-proved C-CAM composite alloy. Woofer and midrange head rests by rear sides of membranes on overall air volume of layout. Band separation is implemented by "soft" filters and in the result the woofer takes part in forming of sound field up to upper middle of frequency range. Speakers are magneto-shielded. Stands are provided. Spikes are twisted into the stands. The kit includes polymer plugs for even two bass-reflex ports on the rear panel.

You expect pretty sound from the beautiful speaker systems. The products of Monitor Audio often justify such hopes and Silver S6 is not an exception. Tonal balance is fully within the norm. However, something stops from the award of neutral sound image of the system. Sound is open, fresh, and generous - there is the impression that the system gives the listener all the content of recording down to the ground! Fundamental dignity of Monitor Audio Silver S6 is excellent dynamics of mid-top aspect. Lots of shades are heard in voices of strings; the system accurately fulfills the attack. Bracing freshness reigns in the atmosphere of high frequencies. The image of scenic space is correctly scaled. Panorama widely extends on the flanks. The system produces quite deep bass, but it is slightly restrained on dynamics. When entering a large volume the detailing of lower middle significantly falls and sometimes a slight coloring of bass becomes noticeable.

Monitor Audio Silver S6 Floor standing speakers photo