Monitor Audio Silver RX8 Floor standing speakers

The largest floor systems in Silver RX series are made in slim bodies with narrower front panel. On the faceplate there are four branded drivers, among which the main energetic load lays on a pair of 6-inch woofers in bass-reflex design. Their diffusers are made of the patented C-CAM composite, being used by the company during many years. Mid-range head is made of similar material and streamlined nozzle is installed in its center for better phase coherence. An inch tweeter is protected against external influences by thin perforated mesh, but the developers think that its main advantages are perfect sound resolution and wide frequency range.

The sound of Monitor Audio Silver RX8 speaker systems is clear and without obvious violations of tonal balance. We liked tonal balance not only by density but also significant depth. Bass pattern is true and is not lost even on difficult parties. The tweeter combines high detailing. The middle is rich with timbres and also doesn't have noticeable coloring. For example, female vocal is almost fully free of sibilants and maximally articulated. Sound stage is just exemplary - not only well-balanced scale, but also the correctness of source order are worth noting.

Monitor Audio Silver RX8 Floor standing speakers photo