Marantz SR8500 AV-receiver

The appearance of this receiver is very laconic, even rustic, although this can only be attributed to the silver finish. The display with small symbols and the total weight of the design a bit confuse - many competitors are heavier than Marantz SR8500 by almost ten kilograms! However, the grandstanding on board THX logo clearly makes it clear that we have a high-level device.

The receiver has developed "multi-room" capabilities: a front speaker selector is installed, unused rear systems easily get started to the second zone, and special "zone" outputs are available from the preliminary section. RS-232 is provided for management, there are several trigger outputs and connectors for working with other Marantz components. The learning console has a convenient cloning function - the remote controller is programmed for the second zone with one touch.

The digital processor supports all modern multichannel and stereo sound systems (including HDCD, Dolby Headphone and SRS), and also performs the MRAC auto-calibration with the supplied microphone. The analog path is remarkable for its excellent performance and Pure Direct mode. And only the multichannel configuration settings are a bit disappointing - you will find in them only the standard settings of crossover frequencies between the subwoofer and the loudspeakers. Probably, the developers felt that the user of quite expensive and cool receiver simply will not connect exotic acoustics, which requires some special correction.

One simple and clear definition best suits the sound of SR8500 - "tasty!". The receiver, however, slightly "degreases" the lowest bass, which can be seen when using analog inputs, but the sound still impresses with the diversity and freshness of tonal shades. Dynamic qualities in both multi-channel and stereo mode are more than convincing. And not brute force but purity and composure dominate the sound. SR8500 reproduces the upper band with a somewhat harsh accent, but in a good way - discants are not primitive, both strength and brilliance are felt. The level of sound resolution at the Marantz receiver is average for its price category. And you do not discover anything in the sound stage - neither pleasant, nor the opposite.

Marantz SR8500 AV-receiver photo