Marantz SR5200 AV-receiver

The "champagne" body of Marantz SR5200 receiver is all-metal; controls are located with perfect symmetry: rotary volume control is balanced with surround mode choice hand-knob. In addition to them and main functions control buttons, there is AV-input on the front panel, which works only with analog audio signal (you will have to connect game console of the last generation through the rear ports).

Pre-setting is principally simple and implemented through the system of screen menus, but there are some tricks in the algorithm. Due to the fact that in-built decoders create the signal for the rear center only by dot-matrix method, for switching on an appropriate speaker system it is necessary not only to specify it in Speaker Setup option, but also to set the 6.1-Channel mode in Surround Mode option. By the way, the feeling that this channel had been included in the already formed circuit solution has not left us. If signal parameters of others can be changed depending on sizes of speaker systems and the distance to the seats, only volume level is adjusted in rear center. The interesting mode is TV Auto (the device is turn on or off according to presence/absence of video signal in TV connecter). You can connect DVD-player to TV through the receiver by S-Video signal. The programmed remote control is so designed, that main functions controls are within reach. Although the remote control is able to command home theater components of different brands, we would recommend Marantz SR5200 firstly for whose, who especially appreciate the brand and luxurious appearance of the device.

Marantz SR5200 AV-receiver photo