ALR Jordan Entry L Floor standing speakers

ALR Jordan hail from Essen in Germany, and have been manufacturing loudspeakers since 1989. The Entry Series, as might be expected from their name, marks the first step on the ALR Jordan ladder, below the Classic and Note ranges. Another design from the pen of loudspeaker design supremo, Karl-Heinz Fink, the Entry Ls are the second from the top of the Entry range, below the larger XLs and above the standmounting S and M models. Obviously there are no prizes for guessing how the S, M, L, XL, range nomenclature came about, but whether this raises any concerns about an impending crisis involving 'Size Zero' loudspeakers, I am not sure....

Effectively a floorstanding development of the Entry M bookshelf, the Entry L makes use of the same 6in (160mm) Jordan aluminium-coned bass/mid driver and 1in (25mm) soft dome tweeter as its smaller sibling. The Entry Ls are a relatively simple two way design, with drive units integrated using a fourth order crossover and bass loading is facilitated via a front-mounted port. As with all the other units on test apart from the Tangents, the Entry Ls have the facility to be mass loaded via judicious application of sand or other dry material into a lower chamber.

Tipping the scales at a sturdy 14.9kg., the Entry Ls measure 860x203x290mm (HxWxD) and are available in Black, Beech and Silver with the option of black or blue grilles.

The ALR Jordans are another smooth performer, lacking the ultimate high frequency extension and details of the Mordaunt Shorts or Tangents, but with better insight than the Acoustic Energys. Their treble performance was very smooth and, as I found with the Classic 1s back in our February group test, they have a certain sense of sophistication that seems to appropriately befit their status as the most expensive members of the group. The Entry Ls are polished and sweet performers in the treble department, and are not upset by harsher material, or violins for that matter!

Combined with a smooth midrange, the overall effect was to invoke a pleasing level of evenness and composure across the mid and upper frequencies, giving superb composure and insight into instruments and vocals. The Entry Ls placed singers right up close to the microphone, and captured every breathy detail.

Down at the lower end, whilst still pleasingly weighty, the ALR Jordans do not offer the ultimate in bass extension, as might be suspected by their driver count disadvantage compared to the other contenders. However, what they lack in extension they make up for in articulation and detail. Bass lines were self-assured, delivered with impeccable timing and low end details were picked out with aplomb.

In summary, then, the ALR Jordan Entry Ls are a classy and refined pair of loudspeakers. Although their polite nature may not totally satisfy those looking for the ultimate in emotion, they perform superbly in terms of detail, scale and evenness across the frequency range.

ALR Jordan Entry L Floor standing speakers photo