Yamaha NS-F140 Floor standing speakers

Yamaha NS-F140 speaker systems look much heavier than their own weight (less than 10 kg) and more serious than their low price. Directly a 16-cm MF/LF speaker with a conical diffuser and a dome tweeter (3 cm) play sound. On the back part of the body there is a bass-reflex port, but, it is not very deep - in fact, this is just a hole in the body. Also there is the possibility to install Yamaha NS-F140 on spikes, but this is an option and you will have to buy them separately.

Speaking about sound, it is hard to call NS-F140 audiophile - sound is simple. Despite of this, the fragment from "Peer Gynt" opera by Edvard Grieg sounded impressively in terms of spatial characteristics. The lack of intelligibility in the lowest bass becomes sometimes noticeable. On the other hand, these are inexpensive speaker systems and the sub is worth to delegate the playback of frequencies up to 80-100 Hz. As for construction of stage, it will be enough to bend down (to the level of tweeters) and the sound becomes much more interesting and richer. There are some problems with the compositions with rich arrangements. Weight class is still not the same. And what is over and above in NS-F140 - enthusiasm and lightness of approach to the playing of music. It is felt that they do not run the amp ragged and sing from the first note.

Yamaha NS-F140 Floor standing speakers photo