ALR Jordan Classic 5 Floor standing speakers

Looking at strictly rectangular body of ALR Jordan Classic 5 speaker system, finished with natural veneer and polished, you can confirm immediately, "Yes, this is classics". The body, made of MDF, is reinforced from inside by numerous struts, greatly reducing the resonance of walls. New high-tech 25-mm tweeter, placed between two MF/LF drivers, has the dome from impregnated fabric and is able to play frequencies up to 30 kHz. MF/LF drivers from ALR Jordan with aluminum diffusers use own tried and tested technology, which provides powerful, majestic and elastic bass. Big, round port of the bass-reflex is on the front wall. The loudspeakers stand on four, small adjustable metallic legs, which can play the role of spikes due to the small contact area with floor. The thread of legs is standard and can be replaced with spikes if desired.

Sound. The loudspeaker has an outstanding ability to spectacularly transfer acoustic volume of phonograms, recorded in interesting in this respect rooms: concert halls, churches. Tonal balance of the pair is absolutely neutral. Due to this quality and also to timbral accuracy, evenness of register, clear, movable, dynamical, well articulated and emotionally certain bass Classic 5 perfectly plays complex recording of classics. Orchestral works sound widely, in a big way, volumetrically. We noticed a slight deficit of micro-dynamical resolution and light grain of the upper case, which only the experienced listener can notice. ALR Jordan Classic 5 can be recommended to listeners with different musical preferences.

ALR Jordan Classic 5 Floor standing speakers photo