ALR Jordan Entry 5M Floor standing speakers

Model 5M from the series with the hospitable name Entry produced by the Anglo-German consortium ALR / Jordan demonstrated all the best qualities inherent in the youngest representative of the family - 3M.

At the same time, compared to 3M, the sound of the Entry 5M was enriched as expected. Seemingly natural at first glance, this pattern is not necessarily observed in any series of acoustic systems that form the price hierarchy: it is not uncommon for the qualities acquired by loudspeakers due to an increase in size, the number of drivers, are paid for by certain advantages inherent in smaller, cheaper models. rulers. One of the most significant advantages of the system is the high accuracy of transferring tonal proportions of almost all aspects of the synthesized sound image, which, along with good sound field uniformity, has an exceptionally positive effect on the ability of an acoustic pair to organize stage space and reproduce the sound atmosphere of concert halls. Here it is appropriate to recall the very similar properties of the previous model of the line. The excellent transmission quality of the mid-frequency range, which is responsible for almost 90% of all sound information recorded on the carrier, depends little on the input signal level, and at high volume levels the image does not lose transparency. The system captures the natural dynamics of a symphony orchestra well. Brightly and convincingly, without characteristic deformations, a massive attack of wind instruments on symphonic fragments was obtained. The penetrating female vocal left a very strong impression - I didn't want to analyze the big picture, but just sit and listen... The clear, correct high-pitched graphics ensured good clarity of the sound image of live instruments. Undoubtedly, the "fifth" model has a more full-blooded and defined bass compared to its predecessor. Low frequencies sound very comfortable, and only in the area of the deepest bass with increasing signal level, the purity and clarity of the image begin to decline. Note that, despite the presence of a rear bass-reflex port, the system is "not capricious" to the method of installation in the room, but at the same time it allows you to "regulate" the amount of bass by changing its location in the listening room. The system is certainly universal in terms of its ability to adequately convey any musical material, however, to a lover of a "bright" sound, it may seem a little insipid, too neutral, which, of course, plays into the hands of strict connoisseurs of the classics. I would like to note the stylish appearance.

ALR Jordan Entry 5M Floor standing speakers photo