Floor standing speakers Canton Chrono 509 DC

Series calculated by the company as a universal - can be easily assembled cinema (everything you need is provided), and you can stay on a stereo pair. By the way, served as the basis for the highly successful line of Ergo. The company claims that the new series took over from his predecessor's proprietary technologies such as aluminum membrane, acoustic design Wave Surround, as well as crossover circuit DC.

So begins a series with a small bookshelf speaker index 502 is followed by the center channel speaker Chrono 505 Center, and after that - two floor standing speakers 507 and our test subject 509. It is made by a three-way circuit with bass reflex port, which is located on the rear panel.

Speakers are configured in an almost classical scheme D'Appolito, only one side of the subwoofer is not one, but two. Dome tweeter at the top of the speaker, its dome is 25 mm in diameter and is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy. By the way, the tweeter is able to play a very wide frequency range, its ceiling - 40 kHz. It will be a good gift for lovers of modern multi-channel music formats - SACD/DVD-Audio. Configuration midrange and bass Single similar - use the drivers from the 180-mm aluminum cone. And at the woofers it solid, while midrange supplemented dust cap. Also noteworthy is a highly original "wave" pendant (made in the form of waves) of these speakers, as well as edging made of polished aluminum (with diamond-cut), which not only gives the speaker an extra shine, but also provides additional rigidity to the driver. The waveform of the suspension is designed to provide maximum stroke of the diffuser and controlled bass response. To provide maximum rigidity and stability of the driver speakers installed in the whole front panel 10 mm thick.

Rests a solid body (speaker weighs more than 20 kg) on a small pedestal, which, incidentally, integrated special grommet to eliminate spurious vibrations produced by the motion of the diffusers. To further unleash the speaker with the floor, each column is optional on four adjustable cleat. All this improves bass response and provides more bass collected. Not to mention the proprietary technology DC (Displacement Control) in the crossover, which is an additional filter that allows you to control the displacement of the diffuser and not let go of the dynamics of its operating range. Thus it is possible to reduce distortion. To connect to an amplifier on the rear panel of speakers prepared four screw terminals - you can organize as bi-wiring, and bi-amping. Canton Chrono 509 is designed for a nominal input power of 160 watts, but is capable of withstanding up to 320 watts peak power. Speakers Series Chrono is available in three colors: black, silver and beech. The front panel is covered in any design elegant piano lacquer.

Sound Chrono 509 is different from the first chords outstanding analytism. Speakers meticulously convey the smallest nuance of the listener, while even the bumpy parts does not suffer and they reach the listener's ears intact. At the same time the sound is heard some cold that when you play certain songs (popular, electronic, rock music) can be expressed in easy detachment, which is not typical of this genre. However, other genres (eg, demanding classical) from such a manner of play will benefit. Therefore, this feature - a matter of taste. Frequency range speakers work out honestly and quite smoothly. Low-frequency component is good, but to a certain point. Dynamics in the bass is very impressive, impulsive reaction is allowed to adequately fulfill intense bursts of sound energy. But with deep bass is not so good - speaker delves into the depths of the bass, but not so much as one might expect from a solid outdoor speaker system. Speaker was originally calculated to work in tandem with a subwoofer. Therefore expect them to deep bass is not worth-woofer specially slaughtered filter for better coordination in the home theater system.

Canton Chrono 509 DC Floor standing speakers photo