Canton Chrono 507.2 Floor standing speakers

Canton Chrono 507.2 are made in a strict design with the lacquered front panel. This is 2.5-way speaker systems with bass-reflex, the port of which is directed down. Issuing air stream is additionally dissipated by a decorative base, which also serves as an effective decoupling from the floor.

The systems are equipped with two self-produced LF-drivers with aluminum diffusers of 160 mm in the diameter. An inch tweeter also has a metallic dome, covered with a protective grill. It's worth noting that the solution for the storage of grills is quite creative - if necessary, you can mount them on a back wall, where they won't surely be lost.

The sound of Canton Chrono 507.2 primarily gladdens by its liveliness and playful dynamics, without noticeable compression at high volume levels. Vocal is realistic - sibilants do not attract attention at all, timbres' coloring is minimal. At the same time, some side-tones at the lower middle, which slightly reduce the accuracy of a number of instruments (perhaps, due to bass-reflex), sometimes come under notice. Tonal balance can be described as smooth enough, with a slight accent on the edges of the playback range. The branded tweeter works accurately, with striking detailing and micro dynamics. The sound stage is built geometrically correct and distinguishes by a clearly distinctive perspective in depth.

Canton Chrono 507.2 Floor standing speakers photo