Canton GLE 407 Floor standing speakers

The loudspeakers of the GLE series are a further evolution of the LE series. A wide choice of finishes (five options) is provided for GLE and the main difference is in the bass drivers. German engineers, taking the drivers from older Canton models (Vento, Ergo, Karat) as a basis, changed the design of the basket and aluminum diffuser and got new woofers with improved characteristics. The floor Canton GLE 407 loudspeakers are built on a 2.5-way scheme, have a phase-inverted acoustic design, are equipped with a pair of 180-mm woofers and a tweeter with a 25-millimeter fabric dome. The loudspeakers are made with exemplary German quality and equipped with first-class insulated screw clamps for cable connection.

Good dynamic performance is the birthmark of almost all loudspeakers from Germany, but the new Canton will make you pay attention to other equally valuable qualities. At the "concert" level, the volume of Canton GLE 407 can sound aggressive, but for those who prefer listening to music not very loudly, with comfort, these systems will be a real discovery. First of all, the "stage" qualities of the couple are impressive. The sound space is well expressed in depth. Each imaginary source has the right scale and is well focused. The bass is natural, detailed and deep, the middle is a bit "sharpened" by internal body's resonances (I'm sure many will not even notice them). Discants may seem to be obtrusive, but they are not deprived of subtle nuances. Bowl rosin, a complex high-frequency "tail" from flutes or numerous high harmonics of clarinets - GLE 407 reproduce all of these extremely distinctly. This model is clearly focused on calm and harmonious genres - vocal, choral singing, chamber music, acoustic jazz. But as for music, where the drive is primary, it is better to find an alternative to this pair - the range of Canton is spoiled for choice.

Canton GLE 407 Floor standing speakers photo