Canton LE 107 Floor standing speakers

LE 107 is a floor standing loudspeaker, made in traditional for the German company manner, as evidenced by the proportions of the body, characteristic rounded edges and, surely, unchanged metallic grills. Two drivers with polypropylene diffusers and flat dustproof inserts instead of caps work in the overall volume. They play the area from the lower border to 3000 Hz by joining forces, and only the top driver continues to fill the range from 3000 Hz to the second crossover frequency with the sound. Thus, we have a deal with an asymmetric D'Appolito scheme. The tweeters in LE series have the textile dome membranes. Frontal position of bass-reflex port simplifies integration of loudspeakers into interior - can be placed almost close to wall. Plastic supports are provided.

Energetic modern styles are very expressive in the performance of Canton LE 107. Great merit in this belongs to the spectacular bass, slightly shifting the sound flavor in a warm way. Big volume levels do not almost decrease the quality of mids and tops, basses are also in form, only at extreme levels the texture of low-frequency relief becomes slightly uncertain.

There are no telling arguments to speak about any genre priorities of the systems, but considering the characteristics of spatial organization of sound field, being maximally loyal to spectral composition, typical for modern music, it would be wiser to recommend Canton LE 107 exactly to the lovers of modern music. When you build home theatre it is very important to find tonally close center and LE 105 CM is an ideal variant.

Canton LE 107 Floor standing speakers photo