Magnat Anniversary 40.5 Floor standing speakers

The watchers of the brand, I think, will immediately guess what speaker systems were the prototype for the floor 40.5 - these are quite popular Vector 205. Differences are seen primarily in design. An anniversary version is available only in a glossy black finish, which fairly imitates a piano lacquer. The construction and technical characteristics are the same as in Vector 205. These are 2,5-way systems of classical layout: with bass-reflex, placed on the back wall, and speakers, located on the front panel by one line in D'Apolito sequence, so that the tweeter get exactly to acoustic focus of woofers. And at the same time it is possible to limit vertical dispersion and thus to reduce the influence of early reflections from floor and ceiling.

There are little tricks in the design of every element. Airflex dual ports have socket ends at the output for elimination of air turbulence. 165 mm woofers with light cellulose diffusers are equipped with anti-resonant baskets, molded from the composite "plastic-carbon fiber". And a special Teteron coating gives a black lacquer shine to soft domes of tweeters. The crossovers with steepness of 24 dB/octave, which almost don't make phase and frequency distortion, are used in the speaker systems. The terminals for cables are double and allow the connection for each band.

It's interesting: a strong and inspiring "voice" in 40.5 erupted almost immediately without any warm-up, although the systems were absolutely new. You could sit here and quickly prepared for the listening to the whole prepared test program, but I decided to organize the course of an intensive sound therapy for the heroes of the day. And I didn't regret about it later -the system, the price of which does not exceed one thousand dollars, sounds as if it cost three times more! Believe it or not I don't palter with truth when resort to such a numerical and objective assessment of sound quality.

Magnat Anniversary 40.5 demonstrates something that is a rarity in our days. You don't feel annoying dissonance at all. Yes, perhaps, there is no infra-bass, some studio ultra-neutrality or manic detailing. But there is maximally completed, structured, harmonically arranged and thus similar to natural sound. Each image is like a revelation. If it is a human voice, you can fell soul and warmth in it. If some instrument sounds, its timbre is opened extremely colorfully and materially. Do you have a sneaking desire to see a particular artist in the orchestra? It appears here instantly at the listening. All secondary details of sound picture are expressive and natural - squeaks, noises and acoustic reverberations. They are not directly related to music, but a full and accurate picture is created exactly due to them. And it is easy for perception at any volume level and pleases by purity and informational detailing.

Certainly, there are nuances in sound, which give the attribute of Anniversary 40.5 to middle class out. The linearity in bass register is not ideal - subjectively, an area 60-120 Hz is slightly forced. Upper middle on the contrary is a bit pressed that deprives singing voices of necessary shine. Upper case is not fully free from tinting too - aurally rough descants are emphasized a bit more than desired. But despite of all defects this system still leaves a lasting impression. It plays a sound atmosphere just incredibly. Although a spatial picture is drawn in not very scaly and widely, it is focused very clearly and accurately. Finally, it doesn't overdo with timbres - tonal saturation is always measurable, without bright and poisonous shades.

We can explain an outstanding result, of course, by the fact that the systems worked together with the source and amplifier, which collectively cost almost ten times more. But I don't care. We just met a case when it only remains to acknowledge: speaker system deserves the beat electronics, despite of the fact that it refers to budget price category. And it deserves it not only because it was released on the occasion of the anniversary of the manufacturer.

Magnat Anniversary 40.5 Floor standing speakers photo