Magnat Quantum 757 Floor standing speakers

In the older line of Quantum 750 the German engineers tried to achieve maximal quality of sound for allowable money. The base of construction is body, the side walls of which are made of thick MDF and a two-layer frontal panel has the thickness of 45 mm. A dual bass sector is presented by the branded drivers with 170 mm diffusers made of aluminum alloy with ceramic coating. The heads work for the back bass-reflex allowing to extend the lower limit up to impressive 20 Hz. Soft-dome fmax tweeter with massive metallic flange and small horn is mounted just above. A 17-cm head with combined diffuser (aluminum + ceramics), ventilated sound coil, dual magnetic system and solid cast basket is responsible for the middle.

Magnat Quantum 757 speaker systems show incredibly clear sound with plenty of details in each register. The basis of playback in this case is built on confident powerful bass, the depth of which is sufficient for the work with the most modern musical recordings. Upper register is in its image too. The tweeter gives not only accurate crystal discants, but also singles out plenty of details unheard before. However, such manner affects the general tonal balance, which sometimes seems to be a bit lightened. The middle also differs by abundance of nuances. Voices are played accurately, but slightly laid back. We can preconize the system separately for virtual scene - the space is densely filled, the localization of imaginary sources is excellent.

Magnat Quantum 757 Floor standing speakers photo