Magnat Quantum 505 Floor standing speakers

The massive and rigid body (the thickness of side walls is 22 mm) of Magnat Quantum 505 is flawlessly cut and finished with utmost care. Three standard variants of coloring are available, also including an exclusive "wenge". All of these look cute and modern. Those who have pets or small children will especially appreciate the "anti-vandal" metallic grill, which is firmly fixed on the fa?ade of the loudspeakers.

Quantum 505 is a classical three-way speaker system with cutoff frequencies of 320 and 3200 Hz. A pair of bass-reflexes is placed on the back panel. Drivers are self-engineered. This is a dome inch tweeter with a woven fMax membrane, which is able to reproduce frequencies up to 50 kHz. MF and LF-drivers have 170-mm diffusers, made of lightweight and strong aluminum alloy. The manufacturer especially emphasizes their piston working mode in a wide band of frequencies. Sound coils are ventilated and allow a significant power input. Two pairs of massive gilt terminals provide bi-wiring and bi-amping.

Sound qualities of this pair are in a full harmony with external look. The attention is immediately focused on high harmonious resolution in the entire range. Timbres are beautiful and easily recognizable. Slight synthetic, sometimes arising in the records of individual live instruments, does not prevent you to get pleasure from the listening. The middle is fairly linear and does not distinguish by excessive brightness. However, this also applies to the upper range. It is very clear and presented easily and clearly. Intelligibility and the informational content of the upper band are just striking. Overall tonal balance is normal. The attack of percussion instruments is transferred perfectly. Dynamics is not a record, but no signs of compression are heard. The problems arise only at the levels close to critical. In this case there are resonances of the body, which can be reduced by installing the loudspeakers on spikes.

We should note separately the ability of Magnat Quantum 505 to form quite tangible and three-dimensional sound stage. Confident localization of the images in space allows you to determine the arrangement of musicians with the greatest fidelity.

Magnat Quantum 505 Floor standing speakers photo