Magnat Quantum 755 Floor standing speakers

Magnat Quantum 755 can be referred to the systems, designed for medium-sized rooms. The loudspeaker has bass-reflex design with 2.5-way configuration, consisting of the pair of 170-mm woofers and an inch tweeter with the extended playback band. Cast basket and the diffusers, made of aluminum with a ceramic coating, can be referred to the features of LF-drivers. The branded fmax tweeter is equipped with a soft dome, which is in two layers covered with reinforcing compound. A metallic flange of the tweeter is a shallow horn that extends the polar pattern.

The German pair differs by wonderful dynamical characteristics with high clarity of sound in the whole. It also demonstrates perfect resolution throughout the working range, but details in the midrange and in the upper and are drawn especially finely. Despite of the audible rise in HF-area, the sound of Magnat Quantum 755 is almost devoid of unpleasant aggression and is quite comfortable. The upper range sometimes seems to be endless, but discants, at the same time, keeps clear shapes. Basses are strong in terms of energy as well as structure. We particularly complement perfect speed characteristics of playback at low frequencies. At some approach of the front edge you plainly feel the three-dimensionality of the stage. There are no any claims to the positions of imaginary sources - the images keep order in any situation.

Magnat Quantum 755 Floor standing speakers photo