Magnat Quantum 605 Floor standing speakers

At first glance Magnat Quantum 605 is a typical 2,5-way system, however, going into details, you can open lots of interesting nuts and bolts. We'll start with the most important thing - drivers. Here is a symmetrical arrangement of the drivers, known as D'Appolito system. Such layout improves the focus of sound images and brings the character of radiation to the pointed sound source with minimal phase distortions. As for the drivers themselves, there are two branded 165-mm heads with aluminum diffusers with ceramic coating and fabric inch fMax tweeter with the extended frequency range. To reduce diffraction a foam pad is glued on the tweeter's flange.

The accuracy of manufacture is also felt in the external look of the body. It is assembled of the thickest MDF panels with the use of internal stiffening ribs and is carefully muted. The front panel is lacquered for the greater solidity, and I should note this gives the systems an additional charm.

Internal wiring is made with audiophile acoustic cable and the massive spring terminals on the back wall allow two-wire switching.

The sound of Magnat Quantum 605 is as decent and good as its constructive design. The picture is detailed and perfectly focused at any musical recordings. Box tint is almost absent and this is felt at any volume level up to critical. Precise work of the tweeter, deriving mass of useful information and having amazing sound resolution is one of the strengths of the tested model. We can talk of almost limitless potential of the systems in this area, which only the level of source may prevent to. The rest part of the spectrum is also confidently reproduced. The lower case is powerful and plastic, there is a real drive, however, the most extreme bass components are still a bit tightened and as if separated from the main musical event. The dynamics is modest, the sound stage is built correctly, differs with enviable stability, but has slightly reduced scale.

Magnat Quantum 605 Floor standing speakers photo