Floor standing speakers Celestion 23i

One of the most respected manufacturers of audio, a well-known British company Celestion, in the recommendations does not need. In connection with this interest in acoustics from Celestion is always high. Recognizable design 23i is also preparing for a serious outcome. Already from the first chords Dire Straits became clear that we must pay attention to the soft deep bass. If you start to listen, you can probably notice a slight loss of clarity of outline musical image drums. But this made, in our view, rather an advantage than a disadvantage: bass acquired said even a little mesmerizing softness. Vs. all proved to be somewhat more complicated. Expanse in the middle of the frequency response, low harmonic distortion gave every reason to expect only the correct transmission of the corresponding aspect of the sound image. To some extent, all what happened. Why to some extent? Can not say that their presence inhibited bass playing stringed instruments or sounds that last looked uncertainly. Everything was in its place. And yet it was not felt that the detailed clarity. The upper treble region, inhabited by various shades of musical compositions seemed to be entirely correct. This important property by which complex orchestral not lose its expressiveness. When in general decent quality stereo occurred fairly strong dependence of the effect of the presence of the listening position. Experts noted a slight decline of women's vocal expressiveness (Cap Bremnes). In connection with the above, it is necessary to clarify that this lack of clearly seen only on a purely vocal parts. Virtuoso passages bass do not give reasons for such comments. Note that the classical repertoire is displayed in a very good manner.

Celestion 23i Floor standing speakers photo