Mini stereo system Yamaha Piano Craft CRX-E600

The system is based on the Hi-Fi-canons: each component - a separate body, its power supply and a set of connectors; management - the system bus. The basic package includes two parts: the stereo receiver RX-E600 and DVD-player DVD-E600. If desired, you can buy branded tape and MD recorder, the more that the receiver has a full set of analog audio inputs/outputs. Way speakers are covered with black piano lacquer (proprietary feature of the series PianoCraft) and implemented, as well as block the receiver, quality screw terminals. The assets of DVD-player - a comprehensive set of interfaces, including optical and coaxial digital audio outputs, SCART and component video signals to progressive.

Function. Basic set. In addition to CD-Audio, DVD and VCD-ROMs reproduces image files (JPEG) and MP3-compressed music. WMA is not perceived, as well as CD-TEXT. Feature built-in AM/FM-tuner - large amount of memory for radio (40 presets that can be freely distributed over the range). Do not be confused by the presence of only two knobs adjust the sound: other settings (equalizer with seven presets and five DSP-mode) are hidden in the menu displayed on the TV screen only.

Management. Conciseness of the front panel can be easily explained - the system is designed to manage mainly with remotes supplied with each component. And duties remotes rigidly separated. For example, DVD's remote can not control the volume, but with "Receiver" - modify the settings DVD-player. Moreover, the normal navigation when playing MP3-CDs (especially with a multilevel system folder) is not possible without connecting to a TV, as file manager window is only displayed on the screen (display DVD-player displayed a laconic "MP3"). When you enter the Setup menu, playback is interrupted. It is not possible to miss the desired moments of the film, but not very convenient when changing sound settings.

Recommendations. With a powerful amplifier and good quality acoustics, PianoCraft E600 easily cope not only with the audio tracks on the DVD, but also perfectly reproduces stereo audio. True audiophile who will not confuse the initial price of the set, and appreciate the ability to upgrade the system by adding additional components.

Yamaha Piano Craft CRX-E600 Mini stereo system photo