Yamaha YST-RSW300 Subwoofer

The massive body of Yamaha YST-RSW300 subwoofer contains a powerful digital amplifier with a peak power of 270 watts, loaded on a 25-cm long-stroke driver. There is magnetic shielding. The bass-reflex port with a rounded bell on the right side of the body is somewhat unconventional. On the rear panel there is all the necessary set of switching interfaces.

The sub is traditionally equipped with a proprietary Advanced Yamaha Servo Technology II (Advanced YST II), which tracks the position of the diffuser at the current moment and makes it fluctuate in exact accordance with the input signal.

The musical abilities of this model turned out to be on top. It is able to play even very complex works with a sharp change of low-frequency pattern, requiring from the sub to an "iron" control of the bass. Drum kit is particularly impressive. It has all the inherent colors, without noticeable simplifications or loss in dynamics. The attack is transmitted correctly, there are no resonances of the body. Only sometimes there is a small whistle of the bass reflex, although it is audible only at critical loudness levels.

The soundtracks also did not cause any special difficulties for our test subject. Its natural data showed up in all its glory. Reaching deep depths, YST-RSW300 does not lose its intelligibility on the "kick" bass, and complex dynamic passages are transmitted without audible distortion. Surely, this is due to the Advanced YST II servo drive, the efficiency of which is beyond any doubt. But there are claims too: in due course you begin to notice some monotony of timbres at playing of theatrical effects, which slightly tires you at longtime viewing.

Yamaha YST-RSW300 sub is very successful. It has unchanged for Yamaha outstanding theatrical abilities, backed up by outstanding musical data. All of these is not so often today.

Yamaha YST-RSW300 Subwoofer photo