Yamaha NS-515F Floor standing speakers

Experienced audiophiles know studio monitors of famous brands well... Yamaha NS-515F - an innovation in the lineup, positioned by the company as a front theatrical pair. The design is laudable in all respects. Light translucent membranes of the heads are made of polymer PMD (Polymer Injected Mica Diaphragm). Voice coils are wound of flat wire with rectangular cross-section. Both low-frequency drivers are put in the general volume of the speaker and work on a common phase while playing bass frequencies (the bottom speaker's lowest radiated frequency is 500 Hz). The declared upper frequency limit of the tweeter is 50 kHz. The tweeter framing was deliberately made elliptical - it's not an optical illusion. Second-order filters are made without PCB; nonpolar electrolytic capacitors are used in the LF link. Both reflex ports communicate with the internal volume of the device, inside which three spacers are installed. The body is moderately muffled. For stability, the speakers are placed on the outrigger metal supports or on included spikes. The outer design is retro: polished lacquer on a synthetic basis, simulating the texture of wood.

Acoustic systems have the rare ability to create a vivid emotional atmosphere. The system, designated as theatrical, passes all of the necessary checks in music at a very good level. The key to the appealing sound of NS-515F is its great dynamics in a wide frequency range, plus clear bass. It isn't very pleasing by itself, it is supposed to be a part of a musical complex. Like a good tailor, a pair of "long-stroke" drivers cuts out contours of bass and cello. The contrasted, quick sound is something you love or hate; the detail isn't deliberate and does not cause fatigue. However, the sound is studio-grade: tonally verified, which can be easily identified by testing it with piano. Mid-frequencies at the boundary with the bass retain many shades. The system simulates a close-by stage, but at the same time retains a sense of depth. Of course, increasing the volume to the limit isn't without consequences. Note that with such sensitivity this "limit" may negatively affect your relations with your neighbors...

Due to the high level of detail - especially relatively to its price - the system could play a variety of music. But perhaps the way to reveal the talents of Yamaha NS-515F most completely is using it in multichannel home theater systems (here we fully agree with the developers). Implementation of the power handling of the speaker does not require too powerful amplifiers or receivers. AV-electronics isn't required to be of a quality brand. The system is easy to outfit with theater paraphernalia found in the firm's selection.

Yamaha NS-515F Floor standing speakers photo