Yamaha AX-490 Amplifier

Unlike all-round practice, smooth regulations of loudness appeared for the first time exactly in the amplifiers of Yamaha. In firmed customs AX-490 has the same regulation. Smooth loudness control greatly increases the possibilities of rightful tone balance installation at any volume level, not limiting you by one constant level, which loudness is usually meant for. AX-490 has two opportunities of forward circuit: tone, loudness and balance controls are turned off by "PURE DIRECT" button, input selector - by "DIRECT AMP". Some words about the remote control, which allows to control not only other connected to the amplifier and ready for distance control Yamaha blocks (tuner CD player and so on), but, unlike the others, the player for usual long-playing vinyl disks. In addition, the amplifier can go into STANDBY mode distantly, and then turn on; and three disconnectable sockets with highest power of 100W allow turning off the other blocks. Usually in the amplifiers with the remote control volume control is motorized; another rotary motorized switch key of input selector is also used and in AX-490. For full identity of two channels' characteristics, the firm uses completely symmetric construction with separate massive cast radiators for each channel. The amplifier allows working on acoustics with very low impedance: the firm gives the meaning 240W at 2 Ohm in the mode of dynamic power measures (on impetuous signals).

Yamaha AX-490 Integrated Stereo Amplifier, Power output 100 Watts into 8 ohms