DVD-receiver Onkyo DR-S501

The device reads the CD and DVD, as well as super audio media (DVD Audio and SA-CD), supports compressed formats of audio, video and photo playback (mp3, WMA, DivX, JPEG). In other words, this unit features a lot more than you might think, looking at his uncluttered aluminum panel with a few buttons and two large handles, illuminated pleasant blue color. The advantages of DR-S501 may also include informative display with slanted matrix symbols (perhaps it's a family trait of all the equipment brand Onkyo), as well as simple judicious management.

A little bit about audio and video channels DR-S501. The first notable for the presence of pure Pure Audio mode and advanced digital part. In the audio chain are decoders DTS Digital Surround, DTS 96/24 and Dolby Digital with Virtual environment and applies high quality DACs that provide a 24-bit conversion accuracy. The output stage of the power amplifier is constructed with discrete components, and is capable of delivering 50 watts to a load at each of the two channels. Video portion of a relatively high bandwidth to transmit analog video (50 MHz), has output video DAC 108 MHz/14 bit and in addition supports digital HDMI signals mode to 1080i.

Mains unit consumes relatively small - only 115 VA. Despite this, it may be forced to low-speed cooling cooler. The connectivity options are limited DR-S501 - on the front panel there are no jacks for additional sources, and on the back you will find a couple of line inputs, which are supplemented with composite video, SCART, three RCA jacks component output, HDMI-input and output, optical and coaxial digital audio inputs. Of course, there is a composite video monitor output, antenna jack and a subwoofer.

Making the receiver takes a maximum of five or ten minutes and reduced to memorizing FM-radio (40 cells), setting the type of speakers, and the cutoff frequency of the signal level for the subwoofer. However, I recommend first to flip through all the settings AC impedance selector on the rear panel and listened to a few tracks in the mode of Pure Audio, select the option that will be better bass damping.

When listening to CD DR-S501 surprised and very good dynamics clear soundstage. It gives a massive, not weak, but slightly tightened bass - drum attack lubricated drive formal tools lowercase sound rather viscous and are identified by reverberation. But playing the middle band can be directly attributed to the pluses. Here DR-S501 shows good microdynamics and timbre resolution, optimal balance between music and plastic informative. Upper range transmitted light roughness (similar to the output path penetrates digital coloring), but judging by criteria such as the detail and dynamics, the DR-S501 is not just criticize what, especially considering its price.

From playing super audio media apparatus generally coped well. Transition to a higher quality format is felt increased purity and high range even higher detail in the middle register. Stereophonic sound program generously, beautifully, with very good dynamics and harmony, although the bass is no fundamental changes - they still seem a bit slow. But the biggest surprise of multichannel sound tracks. Receiver very sensibly handled musical material for a two-channel source. Deleted plans are not obscured and excellent read, keep up the good focus, and "virtual surround" seems quite real.

So, is the first intermediate result of our review, if you compare this modest machine on musicality (and not by the abundance fichey) a deuce "Receiver + player" that is not the fact that the separate system for comparable money will sound better.

Onkyo DR-S501 DVD-receiver photo