Onkyo A-921 Amplifier

The amplifier Onkyo A-921 has a functional equipping and parameters, which other "adult" devices can be jealous to. The quality, accuracy of producing, soft process control, in a word, all the best, that usually belongs to cool Japanese equipment and makes the lovers happy, appears in this amplifier. On the small aluminum faceplate there are two big handles of motorized volume control and electromechanical selector of inputs. The feature of connecting any of seven possible signal sources (including PHONO player with MM head) is accompanied by comfortable indication, placed above inputs switch key. There is no glow firework; however the amplifier connection, the selected one of speaker systems and TAPE1 MONITOR mode are indicated too. And the indicator above volume control realizes double function - identify the amplifier connection and MUTING mode. Despite of small sizes, the device has all general regulators, including DIRECT mode. Except numerous inputs and outputs, two power sockets, RI bus control slot and circuit voltage switch find their places on the small surface of back panel. Amount of devices, connecting for the record, is out of bounds: except two tape recorders you can connect mini-disk soundboard or third microphone. The remote control, like in many other devices, is one for all system (combined by RI slot) and has numerous control buttons. But the functionality is slightly higher: perhaps, switching on the amplifier, volume control, MUTING mode, choice of signal source and, finally, connection of selected acoustic (A or B). Constructively Onkyo A-921 is made on such high level as applied schematic decisions and components. Under the top there is inner system, solidly filled by the elements. Comparably small, but quite heavy EI-shaped transformer and two condensers of 8200 uF/42V filter are part of power supply. Output double-pole transistors of big power are installed on the single laminar radiator, which is situated close to printboard of the amplifier. All in all, the construction of this amplifier is original and interesting by application own circuit technology, discrete components in the power amplifier, having such small sizes, and audiophile elements in passing signal circuit. Shortly, A-921 is a great example of solving the complex problem of audio techniques: creation of good sounded device with small sizes, solid design and functionally equipped. If third and second points are evident without switching on the amplifier in sound channel, the first can be found only while listening. The device sounds confidently at all frequency range. Considering to others, slightly smaller scale and rush are noticeable - the power is not enough!

Onkyo A-921 Integrated Stereo Amplifier