Onkyo A-9755 Amplifier

One of the improvement ways of quality indicators of the digital amplifier is the increase of the modulation frequency. It is quite often limited by the chosen element base. One of the main problems is the choice of output transistors with good switching abilities. They should have the small resistance and fast response time. The Field Effect Transistors are installed in the output stage, made on DMOS technology are in the output A-9755 cascade and at their development the important place was allocated to drop of resistance of a key abroach. It is managed to be lowered to 0,075 Ohms. Thus transistors are capable to pass current more than 30 A for a long time, and pulse current is admitted several times more. We like very much the design of the output cascade. It is placed in the close proximity, almost end-to-end to the rectifier with the filter. Thus, the length of the power the supply conductors is most reduced that allows to improve the pulse characteristics of the amplifier. Besides, the minimization of wires length reduces coupling from them.The supply system has the title: Pure Stream Power Supply. The advantages include the existence of two transformers, but cast had to be found out. Studying of the amplifier "inner world" confirmed that each transformer, as expected, works for its own port. However, there are still pean sharing, they were different, but their power is already less and has no serious impact on operation of the transformer.The firm calls its VL digital technology one of the main modes of amplifier parameters improvement, concerning analog-digital conversation in the modulator. Often in modulators the moment of coincidence of an input signal and internally formed ramp input is defined. In A-9755 the level of the signal will be transformed to an intermediate vector, (the higher the signal, the more abruptly is vector), which arrives on the integrator and at achievement of the certain fixed level the trigger actuates. The offered scheme in addition weakens the pulse hindrances in the signal because of the integrator existence in the signal chain.The switch of entrances is executed on electronic keys. The pair of line outputs is provided for connection of recorders. There is no the separate recording selector, the source for record is got out by the switch of inputs and moves for both outputs at once .Tons correction carries out rising of both low and high frequencies (as well as it is necessary). But inclusion of the tons correction as well as tone control is carried out only from the front panel, and there is no opportunity to do it from the remote control. Onkyo A-9755 can be used and as the power amplifier. For this purpose there is a separate input (main in), and the majority of opportunities is blocked with the choice of this mode. So, the selector of inputs is switched-off, and record through the line outputs becomes impossible, the possibility of listening via earphones is also excluded, remote control, including via the RI network is also blocked. The RI network (Remote Interactive) is intended only for the Onkyo components. Combination of devices by this network allows to simplify life a little bit, for example, when you switch on (or you switch off) any component of the complex with the remote control panel, the amplifier turns on automatically. Or the source choice on the amplifier switches on the power supply on this component automatically. Also through the network it's available to manage with other components so it is possible to place only the amplifier in the area of the panel function. The panel, except the amplifier, steers also CD, MD, HDD and the tuner. Actually only few buttons are designated for the amplifier on the panel and only change of loudness, consecutive search of sources and turn on of power supply is available. It is installed on two pairs of clamps for connection of loading in each port; their switching is carried out by the switch on the front panel and allows choosing on one, or connecting both clamps (for bi-wiring). The blue mark of a light-emitting diode on the handle specifies the position of the level control. The indication of the chosen signal source is executed also by the light-emitting diodes located about a source inscription on the panel, they are of orange color. Cinch connectors for connection of sources are gilded. For judges of the vinyl disks there is a built-in correcting amplifier with the reduced feedback depth. The certain introduced warmth is felt in sounding, the similar feeling happens at a little limited strip of the reproduced frequencies and is often reflected on the details of tops. But here the high frequencies go very freely, without any tension, their purity, ease is perceived with pleasure. It isn't observed any toning down, but also there is no sharpness increase. Basses are felt slightly stretched at good dimensions. Especially it is noticeable on a sharp powerful bass. But it gives to low frequencies noticeable depth, and smooth basses are semed therefore more amplitudinous. Also the even filling of the scene with a detailed draughtsmanship of tools and a vocal should be noted. In the whole A-9755 leaves the pleasant impression, once again proving that digital amplifiers and in the quality equipment can give the analog a run for its money.

Price: $910
Onkyo A-9755 Amplifier photo