Onkyo C-S5VL CD-player

We start the acquaintance with Onkyo C-S5VL CD player from a surprising fact. Something that seemed to be impossible not long ago, now is easily combined in one player. We speak about simultaneous support of audiophile SACD format and also compressed mp3 files and WMA - everything in accordance with today's realities. The player is two-channeled and designed to work in a pair with A-5VL amplifier. In this case you can use R1 control bus, which combines both devices.

The heart of the player is the chip from Wolfson WM8742 with direct DSD support and integral digital filter with configurable characteristics. There are nine modes of filtration (five for CD and four for SACD) and they can be operatively changed from the remote control. To decrease interference on analog chains there is a complete deactivation of display and digital outputs. A corresponding output with smooth volume control will be useful for whose, who like to sit in the headphones.

The sound of C-S5VL is airy, light, with assertive MIDs and crystal top. Tonal balance is perceived to be slightly lightened, without powerful low-frequency base. Principally, there are no special problems with bass here, but sometimes there may be not enough brute force and pressure in the lowest frequencies. Macro-dynamics in CD is rather average, bit this is noticeable only in direct comparison with the source of very high level. As expected, SACD recordings sound more natural and dynamic. The stage immediately opens in all directions, filling the entire listening room. The localization of virtual images is above all praise - it seems that you can touch them with your hands.

Onkyo C-S5VL CD-player photo