Yamaha YST-SW205 Subwoofer

Advanced YST series of Yamaha contains nine (!) models of subwoofers, among which SW205 takes the middle position. YST abbreviation (Yamaha Servo Technology) means the use of feedback systems in the amplifier, radically increasing the damping factor. Advanced YST is its modified variant, allowing to factor nonlinearity of load (dependence of the resistance of LF-head on frequency). The sub's body is made of MDF. The shielded head and bass-reflex port are closed by fixed grill. The full set of terminals doesn't have only linear outputs. Standby mode switch, Movie/Music switches, band controls and phase inverter are on the faceplate. There are a protection relay of the output and power from current steps at the moments of switching on and off. Also there is an interesting option of two-position (High/Low) auto operation: being in Standby mode the sub will work either at High or Low input signal. Auto power off is in 8 minutes of silence.

SW205 is a powerful subwoofer, easily generating a distinct volume of low-frequency information from a recording. Volume control position "in the 12 o'clock" in our case turned out to be sufficient. Dynamical, rich bass, greatly enriched by infra low components is evident. The sub conveys the atmosphere of cool bass of action movies and movies-disasters with good degree of scaring realism. Tinkered with the settings, we managed to organize with shelf speaker systems a nice 2.1 music system, playing well rock and different modern music. We'll note, that even working with movie there was no necessity to exit Music mode.

YST-SW205 is a great theatrical subwoofer with dynamically rich bass and good power reserve. Its abilities are enough for full sounding of even quite large rooms, but it will be better to leave some energy as a reserve.

Yamaha YST-SW205 Subwoofer photo