Yamaha Soavo 900SW Subwoofer

The model from the elite Soavo series amazes not only with weight, but also with presentable appearance. The case is made of birch and finished according to the technology used in the production of musical instruments, and the ports of bass-reflexes are cut out of wood monolith. The 10-inch driver's diffuser uses a specially developed FBP material - a mixture of paper, carbon and aramid fibers. A feature of the built-in digital amplifier with a solid power potential is the Advanced YST II (Yamaha Active Servo Technology II) servo loop, which increases the linearity of the diffuser stroke.

The subwoofer is able to receive a sound signal through any inputs, both linear and acoustic, settings and preset selection (two B.A.S.S. modes and three types of correction) are available from the remote control.

As for the reproducible bass depth, Yamaha Soavo 900SW can be attributed to universal models that have no obvious style limitations. This is achieved through the above-mentioned presets, allowing you to select the desired character of sound for a specific genre and features of the room. Although it is difficult to talk about the ideal fidelity of low frequencies - the attack is perceived slightly weakened, also there is a slight loss of tempo when working with dynamic material. In addition, the basic structure of bass is reproduced reliably, but closer to the lower boundary the sound a bit loses in clarity and intelligibility.

Yamaha Soavo 900SW Subwoofer photo