Yamaha NS-SW700 Subwoofer

By shape the body of Yamaha NS-SW700 subwoofer resembles a truncated pyramid. Controls are located in the upper part. At the bottom there is a 25-cm driver, which works for a special diffuser (QD-Bass technology). Two low-noise bass-reflex ports are located on the side walls of the body.

The amplifying part is very decent - the branded 300-watt amplifier with Advanced YST II servo system, which tracks the progress of the diffuser. There are linear and high-level inputs. As for the outputs, there are only high-level terminals. To adjust the phase, only two positions are provided - 0 and 180 degrees. Speaking about additional functions, the automatic turn-on with two levels of sensitivity and the correction Movie/Music switch are worth noting.

In the course of experiments it was found out that this subwoofer works much better with the narrowest working band. Let's start with Music mode. In this case, the bass is reproduced structurally correctly and even strictly. Yamaha NS-SW700 has a decent ability to play the lowest bass and confidently controls it. Formally, the dynamic qualities are very good, but a bit weakened attack sometimes creates a feeling of slight incompleteness. Some drum kicks are not completely drawn, the damping of the membrane is sometimes not clearly traced. In the Movies mode, the bass boost is slightly increased, but the dynamic contrasts are smoothed even more noticeably. However, slight defects are forgivable, because the developed sound pressure, at the same time, makes an indelible impression.

Yamaha NS-SW700 Subwoofer photo