Yamaha NS-SW500 Subwoofer

Externally the body of Yamaha NS-SW500 resembles a truncated pyramid, on one of the side faces of which the bass-reflex port is placed. The 10-inch driver's diffuser is manufactured using Yamaha proprietary technology. It is based on cellulose pulp, which is reinforced with carbon fiber and wood fiber to provide additional rigidity. The driver is powered by a built-in analog amplifier giving up to 250 watts. Traditionally, Yamaha has an Advanced YST servo system, which monitors the linearity of the diffuser stroke. Do not forget about the mode switch (Music/Cinema), which optimizes the frequency response for certain phonograms. In terms of switching capabilities, it is one of the most advanced models. In addition to the line and acoustic inputs, there is a separate LFE terminal on the rear panel of NS-SW500, as well as an interface for synchronizing the subwoofer with Yamaha sound projectors.

In Music mode, the bass acquires sufficient accuracy and power, combining these qualities in an amazing balance. The basic range is reproduced almost flawlessly, with a carefully elaborated structure. But at the very bottom of the working band, there is still some kind of softness that somewhat reduces the overall accuracy of the reproduction.

Switching the toggle to the Cinema position significantly changes the character of the sound. In general, it becomes slightly relaxed, but at the same time more powerful. The increased energy makes it possible to reproduce any theatrical effects on an extremely large scale (albeit not with perfect accuracy).

Yamaha NS-SW500 Subwoofer photo