Yamaha YST-SW320 Subwoofer

An active subwoofer with traditionally difficult for Yamaha abbreviation - YST-SW320 belongs to Digital Pro series. The first part in the name stands as Yamaha Servo Technology - this is the special control system for parameters of LF head by spanning the amplifier with feedback through voltage and current. And an advanced scheme with additional operational amplifier in feedback path (Advanced YST) is used in all subwoofers. The membrane of magnet-shielded speaker is closed by metallic mesh, and a plastic divider for decrement of turbulence of air stream is installed against it. It is very comfortable that all most required controls are placed forward and allocated in narrow block on the faceplate - level, band and phase inverter. There is a switch of music/movie modes, witch quite effectively changes sound of the subwoofer. Signal filter for satellites and linear output are not provided. The amplifier is powerful - 250W per channel at nominal rating.

If you won't give tasks to subwoofer to sound 50-meters room, a reliable, low-frequency addition is provided for speaker systems of any type - the results of listening persuade in this. But you will still need to work with settings and here it is easier and faster to interface with shelf speaker systems. With typical small-sized pair a harmonious cooperation works out at the band regulator's position closer to maximum in "movie" mode. If catching of deep components on the respective theatrical special effects (like finale scene of Titanic death in the eponymous film) happens not very successfully, the subwoofer turned out to be on top at provision of powerful pressure. The epithet "engine of rock" perfectly characterizes the musical activity of SW320 - the system plays rock-n-roll extremely strong. Although the transparency of bass significantly drops at high volume levels, it is not trouble for cinema.

At a moderate depth bass of the system has an impressive pressure and good response. It is good for small rooms. Due to functional flexibility SW320 gives wide opportunities for experimentations.

Yamaha YST-SW320 Subwoofer photo