Yamaha YST-SW215 Subwoofer

YST-SW215 is a small subwoofer with a recognizable shape of body. It is due to the use of the branded QD-Bass technology, the main point of which is the use of pyramidal diffuser for proportional distribution of sound waves. In YST-SW215 such system works with a 20-cm speaker, radiating down. The bass-reflex port is on the side wall of the body. Like in all modern active subwoofers of this brand, the amplifier here is made by Advanced YST servo system, which controls the correctness of diffuser's operation. Its output power is 120 W. Main controls and settings are placed on the front panel, including Music/Cinema switch (B.A.S.S. function).

In Music mode bass is very accurate and fast, but a bit "cardboard", devoid of fullness. The sub can play authentically only first attack, but the pressure significantly slackens with next following notes. A modest volume of the body also determines some deficit of infra low frequencies. In Cinema mode bass is noticeably tighter and well-fleshed, acquires the structure. Dynamical contrasts are slightly simplified, at the same time the character of playing becomes more relaxed, but less linear in the operating band. Curiously enough, after numerous auditions it seemed that in Cinema mode the sub sounds nicer. Apparently, in this case the deficit of infra low frequencies is skillfully compensated by smother rolloff.

Yamaha YST-SW215 Subwoofer photo