Polk Audio TSi300 Floor standing speakers

MF/LF drivers, used in the system of Polk Audio TSi300, have lightweight and firm polycarbonate diffusers. The construction of drivers is developed by Dynamic Balance technology, allowing the developers to analyze and optimize resonance-frequency behavior of the driver in different working modes. Bass-reflex with big diameter is directed to the floor. A classical silk tweeter is used as HF-segment.

The sound of Polk Audio TSi300 speaker systems differs by exclusively monitor feed of audio material and I am referring to the character of studio monitors, used for mastering. They have no timbre coloring, but comparing with the most competitors sound more dry and transfer emotions detachedly. Sound at the same time is exceptionally transparent, smooth and accurate. Stage is drawn in details, with good elaboration in scope and depth. Localization of objects is precise. Bass depth is average. In the main part of the range it is maximally clear and organized, but in the very bottom you feel some kind of prolixity, being typical for bass-reflex design.

Polk Audio TSi300 Floor standing speakers photo