Floor standing speakers Boston Acoustics VR975

Do tall "towers" Lynnfield VR975 American Boston Acoustics rare abundance of emitters - as many as five on the column. However, devoid of its own "motor" 305-mm membrane on the side belongs passive radiator redistribute the energy of 250-mm active principle at the lower end of the frequency range. MF couple locked inside the body independent design, as well as a tweeter. Strong MDF-body tightened black "stocking" and two plastic support speakers give some similarities... with cruise missiles. Subwoofer is activated automatically when the desired signal and goes into standby mode when the 15-minute his absence. Power switch displayed on the bottom - and forget to include. Of the regulations provides only low-frequency signal level control, but there is a line input. For congestion in the LF channel "follows" proprietary system BassTrac.

Optimal for musical purposes tonal balance was achieved with control position about "10 o'clock". In this state, the bass is deep, powerful, but tactful - allowing feel prohibitive for our auditory system depth, it does not prevent the midrange show themselves adequately. In the "hearing" of the range it is strict, easy-going, very comfortable. Perhaps only the lower registers slightly stretched. But the bass is for all its virtues and very hard energy modes. Good tonal balance of the image as a whole with the developed rich bass sound gives a feeling of soft - in the sense of lack of unhealthy emphasis, "aggressive" and "barbs". Manner of the transfer medium, thanks to their excellent dynamics and high frequency resolution, strongly associated with aristocratic composure. Generally sound different VR975 excellent transparency whole spectral array from top to bottom. The system gives a clear sense of spatial depth. We note in this regard that when you install the speakers can not be afraid to make a wider stereo image - spatial effects will be richer without compromising homogeneity frontal scene.

Screen Tests showed that VR975 is able to fulfill the most dignified manner "severe" low frequency movie effects and the benefits of an external subwoofer, generally speaking, no ... Maybe, gunfire and explosions would not prevent more sharpness.

Great musical ability, "Boston" naturally provide him genre versatility. Convincing and comfortable Symphony image. I want to emphasize the beauty and expressiveness correct powerful bass. Headroom is huge - perhaps in a more or less real, living conditions ever become necessary to twist the knob until it stops.

Boston Acoustics VR975 Floor standing speakers photo