Wharfedale Diamond 157 Floor standing speakers

The famous series of Diamond is presented by the newest floor model with the index of 157. On the front panel of these three-way systems there are in fours branded drivers, covered with a sectional grill. Two low-frequency heads work for back bass-reflex with a slot-type socket, which reduces side-tones from output air flow to the maximum. Diffusers are made of black Kevlar, covered with damping compound. Midrange driver has the similar construction but smaller diameter. The tweeter turned out to be extremely unusual. Its inch dome is made of the lightest fabric and framed by an original horn - in Wharfedale such decision is met for the first time. The developers also didn't forget about fight with side-tones of the body - it is made of very thick MDF panels and reinforced by stiffeners, providing the absence of resonances even at maximum volume.

The sound of the speaker systems Diamond 157 is extremely structured and does not have artifacts at almost any volume. We will note at the same time a slightly blurred tonal balance that is a consequence of the increased feedback in the lower case. Basses are fundamental and profound, with a correct attack and high dynamics. The interpretation of MIDs is a bit simplified on this background, but there is no radical influence on the overall impression. The upper range is played without audible coloring, but it is slightly debased by level. However, there is no noticeable lack of air. The construction of virtual space occurs according to the rules - the stage has a sufficient width and visible separation in depth. Localization of the instruments is the most accurate in the central part.

Wharfedale Diamond 157 Floor standing speakers photo